This privacy statement applies to personal and company information collected by NBM through subscription to our newsletter, our campaigns, membership in the Museum’s friends and the establishment of customer relationships with suppliers. Questions regarding this statement or topics covered in this statement can be directed to

1. What kind of information is registered?

In connection with you registering as a recipient of a newsletter
Your name
E-mail address

In connection with you registering as a member of the Museum’s friends
Your name
Your adress
E-mail address

As a supplier in connection with company correspondence
Company name
Company address
Organization number
Your name as a contact person by e-mail and telephone
Credit information company

2. Who has access to this information?

This information is only used internally by key personnel in NBM. All our subcontractors are subject to data processor agreements that ensure that your personal information is stored on secure systems in Norway, that it is not transferred to others, and that it is processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The subcontractors and their employees are obliged by this agreement to maintain confidentiality about both customer relationships and information we store and process with them. This, together with our own, internal, instructions and routines, helps to reduce the risk of unwanted use and spread of personal information under our control to a minimum. Our routines are regularly reviewed and checked to ensure continued compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

3. Storage and storage

NBM does not store personal information for longer periods of time than is lawful and necessary in relation to the purposes for which the information was collected. The storage period will vary depending on the purposes for which the information was registered. If all lawful use of the information has ceased and no further legal requirements mean that information must still be stored, these will be routinely deleted from our systems no later than 3 months after the purpose has ceased.

4. Right to access, correct and delete personal data

You have the right at any time to access the information we have registered about you. You also have the right to have incorrect or changed information corrected, to withdraw one or more consents regarding different uses of the information, and to request that the information be deleted. You can make some of these changes yourself on our website, other changes you must ask us to make. Please note that some information may have to be stored due to public orders, laws and regulations. Use contact information at the bottom of this document for such inquiries.

5. Copying of registered information and related information

If desired, a digitally readable copy of the registered information and any associated data can be requested. See contact information at the bottom of this document for such inquiries.

6. Complaint

If you believe that your information has been registered on an incorrect basis, is being used in conflict with your interests, or is being used in a way that may cause unreasonable negative consequences for you as a person, you have the right to bring the matter before the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Contact information and guidelines can be found on their website

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