Guided Tours

If you like to book a guided tour, please send us an email to or give us a call: 0047 401 05 777

3500 years of history in 35 minutes

Experience 3500 years of history in 35 minutes. We provide a swift overview over the main bible editions and selected treasures of our collection. This journey will provide you with a historical overview.

Art and the Bible

«A picture is worth a thousand words» 

Perhaps it is not really a surprise that a book with so many words as the Bible has inspired so much art,  both in the form of books, as picture bibles, and artworks that decorate museum walls all around the world.

  • How has artistic style developed and changed through the spread of the Bible?
  • And who are the known and unknown artists that have helped create our idea of how the Bible’s stories look like?

Join us on a journey in art history through the centuries.

The history of the Bible in Sweden

Join us on this guided tour through “the history of the Bible in Sweden”

  • When and where were the first parts of the Bible translated into Swedish?
  • In what way did Martin Luther influence the first Swedish Bible translations?
  • How does the Swedish language differ from Norwegian and Danish when it comes to letters and appendices? What has this to do with the Bible?

This and more you will learn on the guided tour “The history of the Bible in Sweden”