In our medieval "writing room" you can dress up as a monk and take a picture while you write.

  • Every Wednesday you can meet our monk who writes in the writing room.
  • Separate tasks for children.
    Guided tours in Norwegian, English, German and Polish.
  • Over 300 pictures of beautiful art are displayed on the wall with a projector.
  • 3 TV screens showing various movies about the Bible, translations and Gutenberg.
  • 12 tablets that show a total of over 800 images of art taken from different Bibles.
  • Museum shop with exciting products.
  • Lecture (see Events).
  • Separate program for school classes, contact us for more info (

Guided tours

Art and the Bible
“A picture says more than a thousand words”. Perhaps no wonder that a book with as many words as the Bible has inspired so much art.

The history of the Swedish Bible
When and where were the first parts of the Bible translated into Swedish? – This and much more you will learn on the guided tour on “The history of the Swedish Bible”

3500 years of history in 35 minutes
Experience 3500 years of history in just 35 minutes. To book a tour, contact: / 401 05 777