Welcome to the Nordic Bible Museum!

We are open 6 days a week, in the middle of Oslo. Guided tour is included, so feel free to book it in advance, or just drop by us.

Guided tours

You are welcome to join our guided tours.

Collectible NFT bibles

We have digitized parts of the collection and made it available as NFT art.

Zoom webinar

Zoom webinar in english: «Cyrus the Great and the Bible» by Paul Aitkenhead

Theme exhibitions

Welcome to an exciting biblical journey at the Nordic Bible Museum in Oslo.

Donate a Bible

Old bibles, or just an ordinary bible that you do not use?

Support the Nordic Bible Museum

The Nordic Bible Museum is a foundation that is run and financed by charity work, private funds and gifts.

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The only original page from the Gutenberg Bible (1450 - 1455). Only exhibited in Norway.
Handwritten Bible pages from the 13th century.
Miniature Bible collection with the world's smallest printed Bible.
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The Nordic region's first and only Bible museum.
The Nordic region's largest collection of Bibles.
The first bible in the Nordic countries, Gustav Vasa's bible from 1541.
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Denmark / Norway's first bible,
Christian III's bible from 1550.
First Bible in quarter format,
with title page from 1487.
Theme exhibition on the King James Version, the world's most printed translation.
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