Privacy policy for The Nordic Bible Museum (NBM)

This privacy policy concerns personal and company data collected by Nobimu through subscribing to our newsletter or our campaigns, membership with Friends of the Nordic Bible Museum and becoming one of our suppliers. Questions concerning the policy may be addressed to

1. What information is collected

As a recipient of our newsletter
Your name
Your email address

As a member of Friends of the Nordic Bible Museum
Your name
Your address
Your email address

As a supplier
Company name
Company address
Organization number
Your name as a business contact, with email address and phone number
Credit information

2. Who can access this information?

This information is only used internally by key staff at Nobimu. All our vendors comply with data processing agreements which ensure that your personal data is stored in secure systems in Norway, that they are not shared with others, and that they are processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Our suppliers and their staff are obligated by this agreement to keep customer relations and the data we store confidential. This, along with our own, internal instructions and routines contribute to reducing the risk of unwanted use and the sharing of personal data in our systems. Our routines are regularly reviewed and controlled to secure continued compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

3. Storing your data

Nobimu does not store personal data for longer than what is legal and necessary for the purposes of collecting it. The period of storing the data will vary with the purposes of collecting them. If all legal use of the data ceases and no legal mandate compels us to continue storing the data, it is routinely deleted within three months of registering.

4. Right to see, edit and delete personal data

You have the right to see the data collected about you at any time. You also have the right to get erroneous or outdated data corrected, to withdraw one or several consents given to various uses of the information and ask to have the information deleted. You can make some changes yourself on our website, while some changes you must ask us to do for you. Please note that we may have to store certain data to comply with a legal mandate or certain laws and regulations. For inquiries pertaining to this, use the contact information at the end of this document.

5. Copies of stored information

You may request a readable copy of your registered data and relevant data. For inquiries concerning this, see the contact information at the end of this document.

6. Complaints

If you believe your data is registered wrongfully, or is used against your best interest, or is used in a way that can cause unduly negative consequences for you, you are entitled to bring your case to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet). Contact information and guidelines are found on their website:

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