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Zoom webinar in English: «The importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls for modern Bible translations» by Alex Gonzalez

22. mars 18:00-19:00


In 1947 the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th century was made in a cave near the Dead Sea. The oldest biblical manuscripts recorded to this day were discovered, as well as texts unknown until then: prayers, psalms, reinterpretations and commentaries of biblical texts, calendars, etc.

What can we learn from this historic discovery? Why has it taken so long to publish all this material? What about the fake fragments that have been circulating lately? How have the Dead Sea Scrolls influenced modern Bible translation? These are questions that will be covered during this webinar. Join us on this exciting journey to the Dead Sea, and you will learn more about these important discoveries.


The presentation will be on Zoom Webinar, a service for seminars and other public events online, where only the speaker will appear and be heard. None of the participants will be visible. After the lecture, there will be a questions and answers session.

The talk is free of charge and in order to see the talk on Zoom you will need a link that you will receive by email after registration. Click here for Webinar registration.



22. mars
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